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My Inspiration

I started creating mosaic art nearly 20 years ago when my partner (now husband) gave me a “make your own mosaic coasters” kit as a birthday present. The kit included a design template with instructions on where to place each glass tile to re-create the spiral design featured on the kit’s box. I tossed the instructions and came up with my own design.  A few months later, inspired by the mosaics of Gaudi we saw on a trip to Barcelona, I began making abstract tile   (glass, ceramic, porcelain)  mosaics for planters, mirrors, wall art, outdoor installations and more. Over the past few years I’ve been commissioned to create large scale decorative planters for several Bay Area senior and affordable housing communities. On those projects I work with artists  and business people who have very specific color and design requirements. I find the collaborative  process — helping others achieve their artistic vision through my mosaic creations — very rewarding.


No matter the materials and surface, my work is based on a love of color and the often joyful and surprising ways multiple colors or shades can interact on a single piece of art.

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